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Learn German, The German Way!

At tool-e-byte, we are proud of our German roots and we aim to help promote our cultural knowledge through our work and our language. This was the core that laid the foundation of ‘tool-e-byte Academy’.

Merging language skills and technology, tool-e-byte Academy bring authentic German classroom experience, right to your desk. Powered with best-teaching practices, high-quality materials and coupled with innovative, interactive teaching techniques, our online German classes customised for individuals of all ages!

With an aim to help you to speak, read and write German confidently, all our classes are live sessions that effectively help students to train for real-world conversations.  Digital flashcards, role-play simulations, audio and visual material as well as live practise and test sessions help students learn German easily and discern its nuanced elements.

You can start with the Beginners (A0/A1), which is for 100 hours. On completion of Beginners level, move on to the Intermediate and subsequently Advanced levels which are of 36 hours each. You can continue to complete all levels with tool-e-byte Academy completely online, becoming fully native in German, all while sitting at home or in your office.

Each level is taught by a professional, experienced Native German teacher and is certified by tool-e-byte Academy.

As digital nomads, virtual offices and ways of working get re-aligned, tool-e-byte Academy is proud to keep up with 21st Century trends and offer online German classes to anyone looking for brighter job opportunities, the joy of learning a new language and culture or anyone who wants to understand Germany and its mother tongue!

What makes tool-e-byte Academy unique from its competitors?

Engaging and interactive

We believe in breaking the top-down, teacher superior model of education and rather prefer the teacher to interact with the students, engage students with the language, teach through interactive and multimedia methods and create a fun, yet informative study environment. At tool-e-byte Academy, German isn’t taught by rote, rather students are encouraged to make their own sentences, create role plays from their own contexts and bring their own experiences into the language.

Native German Speakers from Germany

Ever learnt a language and realised you can’t speak it in the native country? We at tool-e-byte Academy believe it is imperative for students of German to learn the language first hand from a professional native German trainer. While it not only helps you get the tones and pronunciation right – vital while learning German, it also keeps the language relevant and colloquial, so that you don’t learn phrases that are outdated and irrelevant in today’s world.  

Comprehensive Range of Programs Customised for Individual

tool-e-byte Academy offers German language programs tailor-made for a specific set of students. We cater to different age groups, industries, and academic institutions.

Real-life situations

Focusing on conversational German, tool-e-byte Academy’s course material has been developed after studying real-life experiences and situations. Breaking the mould of textbook teaching, we have studied and have based our material around encountering and dealing with all kinds of experiences, so that you are never stuck for words. By relating to real-life situations we maintain our textbooks are relevant, extremely utilitarian. 

Small classrooms, personalised attention

Since German is a tonal language, it is imperative that each student be paid special attention to, so that his or her pronunciation and tones are perfected. As a result, we conduct small classes where each student receives close personal attention from the teacher. 

Measurable results

Regular reviews and test are conducted throughout the program, culminating in one test at the end. This gives students a chance to constantly revise, improve themselves and measure their progress. 

Beyond the classroom

Students who take part in tool-e-byte Academy’s German courses are exposed to German culture, people and activities beyond the classroom.

Dynamic Innovation

tool-e-byte Academy is a dynamic team that likes to experiment, socialise and try new and innovative ways of teaching. 

Proficiency based Career Opportunities

Our parent and sister companies are always in a look out for professionals with German proficiency. At tool-e-byte Academy, our lessons help us closely observe our students, their progress, ability and comfort level with German. This gives us an opportunity to match them up with an appropriate opening that matches their interests, skills and proficiency level in our sister organisations.

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